Erosion Control to Save You Money

How to Save Money on your Erosion and Sediment Control

Erosion Control vs Sediment Control

Erosion and Sediment Control are necessary for success on your site.  While both are important, each play their own vital role:

Erosion Control: A plan to prevent dirty water from collecting on a site.

Sediment Control: A secondary plan that prevents any dirty water from discharging your site, by containing the sediment inside and only allowing clean water to leave the site.

Save Money by Concentrating on Erosion Control

By concentrating on Erosion Control, you will prevent sediment from mobilizing on your site, saving on unnecessary sediment controls. If Erosion Control is done correctly, your site will remain in compliance and save money.

How to maximize Erosion Control on your site:
1. Minimize site disturbance
2. Phase site operations
3. Cover exposed soils
4. Restrict vehicle access

Save Money1 Save Money2

While Erosion Control takes planning, it can save money in the long run because cleaning sediment-laden water is more complicated, difficult, and expensive than preventing it in the first place. We will talk about Sediment Control options in next month’s Newsletter.

Successful Erosion Control Requires:
1. Planning site operations with ESC in mind
2. Buy-in from Site Foreman, sub-trades, and staff.
3. Innovative ESC Plan Designer
4. Monitoring from an ESC professional that knows compliance regulations and your ESC Plan.

Latera’s innovative and experienced staff will work with you to create an ESC plan that works, get your permit application approved in a timely manner, then monitor your site to ensure it stays in compliance and maintain regular communication with all parties involved.

Save Money3

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