Sediment Control to Save you Money

Last month’s newsletter emphasized the importance of Erosion Control to prevent dirty water from collecting on a site. Sediment Control is still necessary as your secondary plan that prevents dirty water from discharging from your site.

When water becomes sediment-laden you have limited options to clean the water of sediment. You can either:
1. Slow the water down so the sediment settles to the bottom; or
2. Filter the water through chemical or mechanical filtration treatment.

Check dams, sediment ponds, and silt fences all slow down the water but do not filter the water. Chemical water treatment filters the sediment out of the water, but can become costly depending on the length of the project and the type of soils.

To avoid water treatment requirements, you need:
1) Effective Erosion Control, to prevent excess sediment mobilization.
2) Appropriately-sized Passive Downstream Controls (sediment ponds and check dams)

Save Money4       Save Money5

Sediment ponds with a Pond Outlet Skimmer is a new technology that can be used to remove the cleanest water from your pond.  The Skimmer lifts the drainage pipe and floats along the surface of the pond, only drawing water from the top.

Latera’s innovative and experienced staff will work with you to create an ESC plan that works, get your permit application approved in a timely manner, monitor your site to ensure it stays in compliance, and maintain regular communication with all parties involved.

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