Introducing the Breyce

Introducing the Breyce

This patented[1] device is an ideal addition to your product line if you want a simple bracket to add stiffness and strength to your railings.

The code-required load of 50 lbs per foot at the top of a 42″ high rail, at 6′-0″ post spacing results in a torque of 1050 ft-lbs.  A post attachment of four bolts in a 3″ x 3″ pattern results in a bolt tension of 2100 lbs.  This bolt tension is not a problem for concrete or steel but wood structures can be problematic.


Lag screws pull out.  Bolt and washers only secure the railing to a weak rim board.  Straps cause problems with sheathing installation, takes time to nail, and still require the use of bolts and washers.

The Breyce Advantage

  • One component
  • Engineered to resist code loads
  • Forces on the timber components are reduced
  • Creates a stiffer railing system
  • Can be fabricated from typical aluminum tube and plate
  • Wider post spacing is possible
  • Can be adapted for both surface and fascia mounted railings
  • Ideal for balconies with aluminum or vinyl soffits


In railing attachment, as with all structural design, the chain principle applies – the weakest link fails first.  The Breyce provides a complete solution to transfer the guard load directly into the structure eliminating the weak links.

Contact Cameron Robinson, P.Eng. at Latera for details.

[1] US 2014/0339487, CA 2847200, WO 2013033826

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